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Stan Lee on The Hulk

The following was originally posted on UGO.com: and reported by Ashley Thompson:

With Who Wants to be a Superhero? Season 2 about to take flight on the SCI FI airwaves, we caught up with the almighty Stan Lee on a recent conference call to get the goods on what fans can expect from everyone's favorite "average Joe" crime fighters.

Lee and his thoughts on the next big screen version of The Incredible Hulk:

"I think it's a great idea because the Hulk is a terrific character and I think there were just a few things wrong with the first movie. I think those things can be rectified and remedied in the second movie, and I think the second movie will really surprise everybody. It'll be an enormous hit."

Stan Lee on the previous Ang Lee version of The Hulk:

"I was too busy admiring so many of the things that the director did, because he tried to get a unique comic book feeling into it; the way he laid one scene over another. I thought the way the special effects [were done] with the Hulk himself was very good. There was just some story points, which I think made it a little less pleasing to the audience than it should have been."

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