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Tuesday, March 11 2003

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Our insider is back from ShoWest with lots of goodies to share with us including his impressions of the new HULK movie trailer and the forthcoming video game!

So, after witnessing the new trailer for Ang Lee's HULK picture what did our movie insider think of it? "Frankly I thought the action physics of the CGI sucked," he told us. "Hulk moves like he's a 100-pound Spider-Man and while that may be a design choice by Ang Lee to allow CROUCHING TIGER kind of flourishes, it looked cheeseball to me."

Anything else to add? "Yes, the Hulk dogs are in the film, and yes they look awful.

"Those big honkin metallic balls that Hulk tosses in the teaser? Those are part of the gamma radiation experiment that turns him into the Hulk. Apparently he gets locked inside a lab with them activated."

Our source also spotted a section of ShoWest where Universal Interactive's HULK video game was on display, slated for release around the time the movie opens (June 20). How much the video game will parallel the movie remains to be seen, but if it does match Lee's film closely, we may have uncovered what the opponent for a Hulked-out Eric Bana may look like in the picture: "I don't know if it's just in the game that was on the display and not in the movie, but in the game at least, Hulk faces off against a gray-skinned bearded Hulk looking character (maybe it's his father? I don't know the comic lore.)"

There is a possibility that the gray-skinned and bearded Hulk could be The Maestro, a dystopic future version of the Hulk that first appeared during Peter David's comic book run on the Marvel Comics series. That character, which was supposed to be the Hulk decades in the future, wore a beard...but in the comics, at least, he was green-skinned. Add this to the earlier unconfirmed scoop reports mentioning that Banner's father could possibly also be another Hulk and one of the film's bad guys and we're left wondering if that was the character our spy saw on the video screen.

Hopefully, this trailer will be released soon so that we can all judge it for ourselves. I don't mind the Hulk being quick an agile; much like a Great White Shark, the Hulk is nature's ultimate weapon, and the master of his terrain. Just as long as he doesn't know any Kung-Fu or fight on Bamboo leaves, his agility shouldn't be a problem.

As for the game, here's how describes the game:

One year after the events that take place in the film; troubled scientist Bruce Banner and his enraged alter ego, the Hulk, are forced into battle against the terrifying forces of the Leader, who’s intent on using the Hulk’s gamma energy to unleash a relentless army of gamma creatures on the world.

Below are some screen shots from the game, featuring already established Hulk villains Flux, Half Life and either Madman or Trauma. I'd bet it's Madman, the Leader's brother, but it could be Trauma. The graphics could be better. I'd be willing to met that the bearded foe from ShoWest is the Maestro. In the comics he was a pale, olive green color, which could look gray I guess. But it seems that the game is pretty much rooted in comic continuity and doesn't have much to do with the movie or it's villains.

Flux battling the Hulk

Half Life battling the Hulk

Either Madman or Trauma battling the Hulk

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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