Hulk Was Bitten By Gamma Radiated Dogs

Wednesday, June 12 2002


SPOILER!!!!!!! Don't read on if you don't want to hear more about the plot.


Coming all the way from the Netherlands (NL) Jorn "utrecht" Moraal shares an important detail about the upcoming plot. He got this info from


Hulk And Hound

Everybody who doesn't want to read a minor Hulk spoiler should go back to the homepage right about now. Still here? Then you'll be interested to know that Ang Lee and co have taken a few liberties with the upcoming movie adaptation of The Hulk. While this is more often than not the case when a property is adopted into Hollywood's all-controlling embrace, die-hard fans of the green-skinned wrecking machine may be horrified to learn that the screen Hulk gets his destructive powers from an irradiated poodle.

Yes, you read it right, abandoning the traditional gamma radiation exposure, the film is reported to have Banner attacked by a pack of feral, irradiated dogs whose bite turn him into the living, breathing vehicle of destruction that we all know and love. According to E! Online, real-life actors will play the mutated canines, one of which is a giant poodle who engages Banner in mortal combat.

But before you get into a self-righteous strop about the improbability of such a foolish plot-point, you might want to bear in mind that the original story was even less fact-friendly. Running onto a testing ground to save a hapless teenager, Banner is caught in the heart of a thermonuclear explosion which, while able to level cities with ease, leaves him unscathed save a lime-hued complexion and propensity for smashing things up.

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