Gale Anne Hurd (Producer) has produced more than two-dozen features, garnered numerous Oscar® nominations and awards, championed technological innovations and carved a distinctive niche for herself in the typically male bastion of the blockbuster/action adventure/science fiction genre.

In 1984, Hurd earned a place in film history with Terminator, directed by James Cameron, the first of many event films she would produce. Its worldwide success was followed in 1986 by Aliens, which received seven Academy Award® nominations and two Oscars®. Hurd continued in the action adventure drama with The Abyss (1989), which won the Oscar® for visual effects and three additional nominations. She went on to produce Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the topgrossing film of 1991 and a technological tour de force that earned another visual effects Oscar®.

Hurd then switched gears and formed No Frills Films to pursue the development and production of low budget, high quality feature films. The results were Tremors, Safe Passage and the Spirit Award and Sundance Audience Award winner The Waterdance, starring Eric Stoltz and Helen Hunt.

Other film credits include the Academy Award®-winning The Ghost and the Darkness, Dante’s Peak and The Relic. Hurd’s 1998 international blockbuster Armageddon was her second film to top the box office in the United States, grossing over $200 million. Hurd’s television credits include HBO’s Emmy nominated Sugartime, (starring John Turturro and Mary-Louise Parker) and the Emmy winning Cast a Deadly Spell (starring Julianne Moore).

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University, Hurd began her career as an executive assistant to filmmaker Roger Corman at his New World Pictures. She became New World’s head of marketing and ultimately, one of its producers.

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