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Q: I'm new. Can you tell me more about the Hulk?

A: Well, there is a lot to tell, but a quick synopsis can be found here.


Q: Exactly how big is the Hulk?

A: In the film, the madder the Hulk gets, the stronger (and bigger) he gets.  He was basically three sizes throughout the film: 9 ft, 12 ft and 15 ft.


Q: Exactly how strong is the Hulk?

A: Well, he's pretty strong.  In the film, the Hulk can cover 3 to 4 miles in a single leap, can achieve speeds of up to 300 mph, has an impenetrable hide (8 to 10 times the strength of regular Kevlar and incredibly regenerative), is capable of lifting 100 tons, and finally, based on punching power and weight, the Hulk would be able to apply at least 14 tons of pressure per square inch to whatever he smashes.


Q: Who played the Hulk?

A: Eric Bana was Bruce Banner in the film. The Hulk was a total CGI (computer generated image) creation. At least two body builders and Eric Bana himself contributed to the Hulk's final appearance.


Q: Is the David Banner in the movie the same David Banner from the television show?

A: No. There is no connection between the movie David Banner and the television David Banner other than the name.


Q: When was the film released?

A: The film was released in the United States and Canada on June 20th, 2003. For a list of International release dates, click here.


Q: When was the DVD released?

A: The DVD was released in the United States and Canada on October 28th, 2003.


Q: Was there a Hulk Movie DVD Box Set released?

A: Yes, but only for Regions 2-6.  It was not released in the US or Canada.  For more information on this great collector's set, click here.


Q: Will there be a Hulk 2?

A: While have been a many rumors online saying otherwise, according to Marvel's Official Q3 Results, the Hulk 2 is in development at Universal Studios for a 2006 release.

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