One of the first things that strikes you about Mike Erwin is how much he has accomplished in just a short time working in Hollywood. After moving from Texas a little over a year ago, the talented newcomer has worked on a three high profile movies, shot starring roles in two pilots and guest-starred on several popular television series. Whew!


Erwin recently experienced the highlight of his young career when he learned that he would be joining the cast of Universal's "The Hulk," to be directed by Oscar nominated director Ang Lee. Recently seen in the sleeper hit, "The New Guy" he also had a small role in "American Pie 2."
In addition to his film roles, Erwin is making an impact on the small screen. He was most recently seen in the season finale of the popular CBS television series, "Touched by an Angel," doing impressive work as a seemingly innocent high school senior who turned out to be a murderer. Other recent television work includes guest-lead roles on "7th Heaven," "Judging Amy," "So Little Time," "Raven" and "Reba." In an odd twist of fate, it was only a few short years earlier that Erwin had worked on the set-up crew for one of Reba's Texas concerts. In addition he also had starring roles in two pilots, one for the WB and one for Disney.


Despite the fact that he was born in Dalton, Georgia, Erwin very much considers himself to be a Texan since he moved there at the age of three and continued to live there until after he graduated college when he then packed up his things and moved to Los Angeles. Unlike most young actors, Erwin didn't decide to pursue a career in showbusiness after watching one of the greats onscreen but rather decided acting might be in his blood after being one of the most popular acts in a series of 6th grade talent shows. He continued to pursue his passion through out middle and high school and went on to attend Texas Wesleyan College on a full scholarship for dramatics combined with academics.


After appearing on stage in various plays including Sam Shepard's, "Cowboy Mouth," "As You Like It," and "Henry V," Erwin was cast in his first professional role as "Travis" in "The New Guy" which happened to be shooting in Austin. A few credits shy of graduating, Erwin was granted permission to use his first professional experience as an actor to write his final paper. He has since graduated with a BA in Fine Arts.


Not one to take the road most traveled, Erwin will continue to search out roles than challenge him, whether it is on television, stage or screen. Judging by his success so far, there is no end to the possibilities for this talented and charismatic actor.


Source: Sidnee22


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