What If...Bart Sears Had Drawn the Hulk
Thursday, February 17, 2005

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What If??? I Don’t do the Hulk

Here are the only two pages I completed of the Hulk “What If” story… just couldn’t see my way to drawing it.. just couldn’t find any way to care about it.

Marvel never saw these.. never paid for them.. care about money, of course, but made it easier not to continue, at least without guilt, by not having been paid.


And in response to why he did not finish the project:

Let’s see… I struggled with trying to find the energy and focus I needed to draw the story… I really had no interest at all, but I was fighting with myself to do it, mostly out of fear. I had an exclusive offer from Marvel at the time, and I was nervous about blowing it… At the same time, I never signed it, because I was terrified I would get stuck working on things I didn’t like, like this “What If?” and, like this one, cripple myself mentally and physically/financially by never completing it. Sounds very sensitive and artsy (dare I breathe the word - primadonna-y) but I have a horrible time working on something if I can’t get my head around it, if I’m bored, or think it’s stupid. It paralyzes me everywhere. I can’t work on something else if what I’m supposed to be doing is stalled… It’s like a brain-freeze.

What ended up happening in this instance… I had never sent in any pages in like four-weeks. I had definitely decided to NOT sign the exclusive, and had called DC to see if they had anything… I had finally found a way to maybe get something done on this book… I agreed to the DK project with DC, but I prtomised myself I wouldn’t start it until I finished the What If… kind of jump-started me, and I slowly completed a couple of pages, I think I laid out a few more… but then Marvel called, and canned me from the book. I was grateful for that, but also embarrassed that I hadn’t quit it in a timely fashion, like I knew I should. Time’s funny that way, for me… It compresses or something in my head, so weeks/months/years can sometimes be completely overlooked when I shut that part down… Weird…
Anyhow. I had to wait about two more weeks for the DC plot, so I ended up going about 9 weeks without pay.. not the brightest move in a long line of smart decisions…

Would it have made a diference if it was the regular Hulk… ? that depends on the story.. In my mind, I always see the Hulk as a very limited character… I don’t know… would just depend.



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