Hulk Leads Onslaught of SuperHero Toys

Friday, February 28 2003

Posted on the Chicago-Sun Times

The following was originally posted on the Chicago-Sun Times:

Hulk leads onslaught of superhero toys
February 28, 2003


Toy Biz introduced an onslaught of action figure superheroes and villains at the International Toy Fair last week.

"The appeal of action figures differs from young to old," said Jesse Falcon, director of product development for Toy Biz. "Little kids like the idea of replicating the play scenario of their favorite characters while adults appreciate the aesthetics of the sculpt."

A division of Marvel Entertainment, the toy company's breakout product by far is a series of action figures and accessories based on the upcoming movie, "The Hulk."

The Hulk character is based on The Incredible Hulk, the Marvel Comics alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner. The muscled green giant, who bounds about in shredded clothing (ripped when morphing from Banner to the hulking hero), has been updated for today's savvy kids.

"I think kids are attracted to the Hulk because he is a misunderstood hero, and they can empathize with him," said Falcon. "The Hulk and Spider-man have transgressed from superheroes to Americana. Their images are ingrained into our consciousness."

"The Hulk" will feature a 15-foot Hulk digitally created by George Lucas' special effects company.

"The movie is like a version of WWE meets Godzilla," said Falcon.

Toy Biz, remaining faithful to the new big-screen character, has created a series of toys replicating The Hulk's sound and actions. Hulk related items due out in the Spring include:

The people at Universal and Marvel should restrain Jesse Flacon from making any more public statements about the Hulk. Comparing the Hulk to the WWE and Godzilla is just about the worst comparison that he could have made. WWE and Godzilla (the 1998 film version) lack both substance and a fan base. The movie bombed and WWE's stock recently hit it's lowest point ever.

But it's good to hear that there is lot of Hulk product coming soon, and the Toy Biz stuff looks spectacular.

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