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Wednesday, March 3 2004

Posted on Comics Continuum

The following was originally posted on Comics Continuum:

With four films being released this year, Marvel Studios announced plans for five movies in 2005 on Tuesday morning during its fourth quarter webcast.

Projects in the pipeline for 2005 include Fantastic Four, a possible July releease from Fox currently out to directors; Elektra, from Fox, starring Jennifer Garner and targeted to begin production in May, with Rob Bowman in talks to direct; Iron Man, from New Line, out to directors, written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, with Tom Cruise expressing interest; Ghost Rider, from Sony, with Mark Steven Johnson writing and directing; and Luke Cage, written by Ben Ramsey, with John Singleton in talks to direct.

Other films in development, according to Marvel, are X-Men 3, The Hulk 2, The Punisher 2, Namor, Iron Fist, Black Widow and Deathlok.

Marvel's next film is The Punisher, which reaches theaters on April 16. Marvel's Avi Arad said that television spots for the film should begin next week.

Spider-Man 2 is next on July 2, followed by Blade: Trinity on Aug. 12 and Man-Thing in October.

Arad said a third Spider-Man film is targeted for a 2007 release, and that the Hulk sequel will be lighter in tone.

And from this month's Wizard 150:

Marvel Studios is currently planning a more-action-packed and Hulk-centric sequel to Ang Lee's "Hulk." According to Arad, the current plan is to produce a film that shows off more action of the Hulk.  "We had a long meeting with a writer and Universal [Pictures] last week," says Arad.  "He's a very good writer and he's very interested.  We're just starting our journey on 'Hulk 2'.  The marching orders for the film are to show Banner and the Hulk to be the heroes they should be.  The origin is behind us.  We got over the tough stuff.  Now we want to see what's happening to Banner.  Obviously he knows he can't hide forever, and maybe he doesn't want to hide.  The operaive words are to have fun with the Hulk."

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