Stan Lee Talks About His Cameo

Tuesday, March 11 2003

Posted on Dark Horizons

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The Hulk (Scoop #1): Stan Lee chatted with Filmfreak Radio the other day about his cameo in the upcoming superhero flick "I’ve already done it. They were filming in San Rafiel California, that’s near where George Lucas has his place, and yes I was up there about two or three days ago and I did my major scene, on which of course the whole movie hinges, and it was a lot of fun....When I shot the scene, my little scene, he (the Hulk) was supposed to be coming out of the sky and jumping down and landing right next to me, and then taking off again, and I’m supposed to look real scared and I was looking scared at nothing because there was no Hulk, he will be added later. It was really funny, there was a man holding a long stick and I was told to look at - the stick was about 10 feet high or so - I was told to look at the top of the stick ‘cause that’s where the Hulk’s head would be when he landed so I was acting scared". Lee also confirmed he won't be appearing in "X2" as "I don’t think I’m gonna have cameos in the sequels ‘cause I think that gets to be a little much. I’m hoping I can have a cameo in the first movie of each character". Thanks to 'Kailem'.

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