Nick Nolte on The Hulk

Thursday, March 13 2003

Posted on Dark Horizons

The following was originally posted on Dark Horizons:

The Hulk : In an interview to be published here shortly, Nick Nolte revealed what Ang Lee said to get him involved in the project: "I wasn’t interested in just doing a cartoon, and Ang came to the house and said, ‘Look, Nick, I don’t know how to do a cartoon, but I DO know how to make a Greek tragedy.’ So I said ‘If we go for a Greek tragedy, I’ll go for it.’ “ Nolte was then more than happy to make a big-budget studio film “because if we can present it of the magnitude of a Greek tragedy, a father/son tragedy, and if we do it right, there should be some element of compassion, maybe some pain". Thanks to 'PF'.

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