Wizard World LA: Marvel Panel
Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Hulk Highlights:

On the subject of House of M tie-ins, in addition to June’s Spider-Man: House of M, Hulk #83-86 will be a tie-in story arc entitled “The Last Refuge, written by Peter David and drawn by Jorge Lucas, which Quesada described as one of the tighter connections to the massive storyline.

And an element that springs out of House of M will lead to a new unnamed Peter David ongoing series later in the year.

Iron Man: House of M will start in July by writer Greg Pak and artist Pat (Transformers) Lee. Both tie-ins will feature new versions of the Hulk and the Iron Man armor, respectively.

And wrapping up discussion of all things Peter David, his Abomination limited series should come out next year.

Two new Paul Jenkins projects were formally announced at Marvel's panel at Wizard World Los Angeles on Saturday.

Mythos, a series of prestige format books painted by Paolo Rivera that will tell the origins of Marvel characters.

"It's the actual origin of the character paired with the film version in a mix of great reverence to update them," Jenkins said.

Jenkins said plans are for three or four to be released per year, with an eventual collection of all the books.

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