Dynamic Forces Invades the Great White North
Tuesday, March 30 2004


First Collectibles Show in Canada Scheduled For April 15!

March 30, 2004, Runnemede, NJ -- Attention Canada! Dynamic Forces is crossing the border on April 15th to bring The Shopping Channel, the most exciting hour of comics and collectibles Canada has ever seen!

"We have been in discussions with the Shopping Channel to put this premiere hour together for over a year," explained Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces.

"We're pleased to announce that it's all come together, and we're bringing the best of the best to this first show! It's our hope to bring in the viewers, the buyers, and make this a regular happening!"

The hour-long show of comics and collectibles, with DF's own Nick Barrucci flying in to appear on the air, is scheduled for April 15, 2004, at 11:00 PM EST. The best of the best comics and comic related collectibles for the hour-long presentation includes:


1 - SPIDERMAN: ENTER THE GREEN GOBLIN LITHOGRAPH -- Signed by Ron Frenz, J.D. Smith, Pat Olliffe, and Livesay with a sketch by one of these artists

 2 - SPIDER-MAN: PREMIERE OF THE PUNISHER LITHOGRAPH -- featuring with 3 bonus random Lithographs; and the SPIDER-MAN/WOLVERINE LITHOGRAPH -- Signed by John Romita Sr.!


A - MAGNIFICENT #1 STARTER SET featuring Marvel: The End #1 Signed by Jim Starlin, Spiderman Blue #1 Signed by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale, Spider-Man Movie Adaptation Signed by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer, plus 18 Random #1 books;

B -  THE MOST DYNAMIC 40 BOOK STARTER SET featuring Ultimate Spider-Man #54, Wolverine #181 Signed by Frank Tieri, Ultimate Spider-Man Special #1, Ultimate X-Men #1 Free Comic Book Day Edition Signed by Adam Kubert , Star Wars Trilogy box set, Planet of the Apes comics Set, plus  29 Random Books; 

C - BATMAN SUPERMAN 65TH ANNIVERSARY SET featuring Batman: Dark Victory #0 Signed by Tim Sale, Action Comics #800, Action Comics #1 Millennium Edition, Batman: Black & White TPB, Detective Comics #38 Millennium Edition, Batman Hush Volume 1 Hardcover, plus 60 RANDOM BOOKS; DC COMICS LANDMARK ISSUES SET featuring  Batman/Superman/Trinity #1 Signed by Matt Wagner, Batman/Planetary signed by John Cassaday, JLA: Liberty & Justice Signed by Alex Ross, Superman Forever #1, and Batman #600;

D - DF MIGHTY MARQUEE SERIES featuring Amazing Spider-Man #500 Signed by Joe Quesada, X-Men #25 Signed by Stan Lee, Origin #2 Signed by Len Wein and Paul Jenkins,  Heroes First Printing Signed by at least 8 different writers/artists, Wolverine #1 Signed by Darrick Robertson and Herb Trimpe,  Ultimate Six #1 Signed by Brian Michael Bendis, New X-Men #152 Signed by Marc Silvestri, Ultimate Spider-Man #1 KB Reprint Signed by Mark Bagley, Marvel Must Haves #2 featuring Amazing Spider-Man #34 Signed by Scott Hanna, Spider-Man: Quality of Life #1 Signed by John Romita Sr.; COOL COMIC MULTIPLE SIGNATURE SET  featuring 10 Books and Over 15 signatures! 

E - And last, but never least, the DF 10TH B-DAY COOL COMICS AND CARD COLLECTIBLES featuring Ash Unopened Trading Card Box; 2 Random Gold Cards; 2 Random DF Signed Cards; 4 Random DF Sketch Cards and 3 Random Factory Sealed Sets Of Cards!

So, mark your calendars for April 15 at 11:00 PM EST to see all the action and excitement! Don’t Miss It! * Fellow comic fans in Canada – help us to continue to make these shows ongoing events - please forward this press release to as many comic fan sites and fan boards as possible!

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com or visit www.TheShoppingChannel.com

Plus, this week, we've got two new incredible deals for you! Check them out!

* Starting now, and running until April 2, 2004, DF is offering our customers a special offer!

Buy any 3 Trades or Collected Editions and you will receive an extra 11 bonus items (including the Star Wars Trilogy boxed set of 3 TPB's, 4 Planet of the Apes limited edition books, 2 signed Wolverine Books and two limited Top Cow
books) at NO EXTRA COST!


* Starting now, and running until April 2, 2004, DF is offering our customers a special offer!

Buy any 3 DF Signed Comics or DF Exclusive and Limited Edition comics and Covers and you will receive an extra 11 bonus comics (chose at random by our
staff) at NO EXTRA COST!


Teen Titans #1 -- Re-Marked by artist Marlo Alquiza and featuring an original Starfire Sketch!

Regular Price: $69.99; DF Special Price: $19.64

This black and white edition of the red-hot (and SOLD-OUT) Teen Titans #1 features an original sketch of Starfire by artist Marlo Alquiza that has not been offered anywhere else!


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