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Friday, April 9 2004

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There will be a Hulk 2.Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Avi Arad both confirmed, with Hurd saying, “Right now we are meeting with writers to discuss the sequel. I think the key thing is come up with the right story.”

Arad commented on the sequel’s tone.

“It’s going to be Hulk-lite,” Arad said. “It’ll be the end of movie one, the beginning of movie two. Now he’s come to terms with his life and who he is and we can let him be now Hulk the hero. Movie one seemed to have been tough on some people, but some of us think it is one of the more courageous depictions of a comic book character.”

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"Yes, we're working on a 'Hulk' sequel" -- producer Gale Anne Hurd is reporting from the marvel camp that a sequel to last summers moderately successful Ang Lee Hulk adaption. While the 'geek' community seems to be split on whether the green wonder deserves a sequel or not, the fact remains that at a cost of $135 million to make, the film went on to bank well over that even before it left the theaters. I'm not quite sure why the film didn't connect stronger with audiences. I liked the film upon first viewing and have grown to love it on DVD as the only true comic book film to focus on an origin story without muddling up the works with an overbearing villain. I also love Ang's art-house interpretation of a character which you wouldn't expect in an art-house type film.

Zap2It claims that "Critics and fans alike overwhelmingly hated The Hulk...", but I don't see it. The film has seen nothing but love from this site, earning a solid theatrical and DVD review from two of the FilmRot crew, as well as a 60% approval meter on Rotten Tomatoes. The Hulk wasn't "critically panned" in my opinion, this is critically panned.

Still, the producers of the film are running like scared puppies with claims of a kinder, more gentle experience in part two, even labeling the planned outing as "Hulk-lite" (can't wait to see if they have the balls to call it that on the poster tag-line). When asked about the Hulk's future, Avi Arid stated:

"He won't be this tortured person, it will pick up at the end of the first movie. He's come to terms with his life and who he is and we can let him be the Hulk hero now."

Naturally, those of us that enjoyed the first film will have what we liked ripped out of the franchise and what will be left is another safe, generic comic-book actioner - sure to sell twice as many toys as the first.

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