Stan Lee to Re-shoot Cameo

Thursday, April 10 2003

Posted on Yahoo! Movies

The following was originally posted on Yahoo! Movies:

4/09/03 - Okay, here's the deal... I can't reveal where I heard him say this. But... Hulk cocreator (with Jack Kirby) Stan Lee revealed today "in my presence", let's say, that the original cameo that he shot for this movie has been pulled by Ang Lee (maybe it'll appear on the inevitable DVD). Why? Well, it seems Mr. Lee thought of an even better cameo concept, which Stan is going to film later this week, with another "huge star" (his words) also participating in the same scene. Now, to be honest, my first guess was that maybe the other person might be Lou Ferrigno, who's long been known to be doing a cameo as a security guard (and whom Stan probably thinks of as being a "star"). That's, at least, the actor that would make the most sense doing a Hulk cameo. Who else might Stan have been referring to? Maybe he just meant someone else who *isn't* doing a cameo, like Nick Nolte or Jennifer Connelly? Or... someone else, but who?

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