CGI Hulk Work Almost Completed

Thursday, April 10 2003

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SPY REPORT: Hulk Looks Great
Thu, Apr 10, 03 02:26:01 AM EDT

Today our sources inside ILM tell us that the Hulk is ready to rumble into theaters this summer. In this recent picture from AICN , you can see he's gonna be bad. Here's the latest from our sources:

Work on Hulk should be finished soon, the film is just about complete and ILM will sign off on the effects. They've got quite a few other projects in the works to keep them busy. After all of the initial skepticism about the look of the Hulk, everyone at ILM is quite optimistic. Many say he is looking fantastic, with some scenes honestly rivaling the look of Gollum in Two Towers. That being said, understand that some scenes are a bit corny, but still good. When asked about the ultra cool tank-tossing scene seen in the Super Bowl commercial, I was told that it takes place after the San Francisco trashing, with Hulk fleeing towards Southern California by super-jumping. Look out LA!

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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