The Absorbing Man

Thursday, April 10 2003

The following was originally appeared in Wizard #140:

Hulk Out!

After pitting the Hulk against the Abomination, Incredible Hulk writer Bruce Jones plans on bring back another major supervillain in the immediate future. Jones won't reveal the identity of the mystery villain, but teased that the storyline would coincide with the release of the "Hulk" movie. Hmmm...

Who could this mystery villian be? Well, Marvel has already solicited these 5 issues, set to come out from June to August. Deodato will return with issue #60. The first issue of the arc will only cost a whopping 25 cents! That means all Hulk fans should go out and get a copy! Below is the solicitation from Marvel and some preview images from that arc:


COVER BY: Leandro Fernandez
WRITER: Bruce Jones
PENCILS: Leandro Fernandez

THE STORY: "HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT" Pt. 1 (of 5) In time for the blockbuster HULK movie, this special 25-cent, jump-on issue begins a brand new five-part story arc, featuring the return of Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man and art by upcoming superstar Leandro Fernandez.



PRICE: $0.25

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