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Saturday, April 12 2003

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Below are questions that Ang Lee answered from the fans on the official site:

Do you feel The Hulk is a dramatic movie complemented by action sequences, or vice versa?

To me, there is no distinction. As in Crouching Tiger, the action sequences were very much a part of the drama, and even the smallest dramatic scenes hold for me the tension and promise of action. So I try to make the action dramatic and the drama spectacular. They are all parts of the same puzzle.

Aside from The Hulk, is there any other comic book property you would be interested in?

There are so many, from Europe and Asia as well as America that could make great movies. But for now I'm sticking with my green guy.

Does Jennifer Walters (a.k.a. the She Hulk) appear in the Hulk?

No, we thought one Hulk was enough for this first movie. Maybe she will appear someday in a sequel.

After producing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, was it challenging to adapt to The Hulk?

Yes. The demands of Crouching Tiger were huge during production, especially with all the fight choreography. But post production editing and effects work was quite fast. For the effects we mainly were doing simple things like removing the wires from which the actors were suspended. With the Hulk, the effects work alone is like making ten movies!

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