Stan Lee Cameo Filmed

Tuesday, April 22 2003

Hulk fan IMAN gave the message boards the scoop on Stan's cameo:

Today (4/15) the Hulk shot on location in Berkeley, at the fictional "Berkeley Nuclear Biotechnology Institute." The shot was for a cameo appearance of Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno as security guards. Lou is HUGE and Stan was hilarious!

And in response to how he got his info:

I was on the set.

They had shot a scene before with Lou as a security guard, I think he was running from the hulk dogs. They had also separately shot a cameo for Stan. Apparently Ang was unhappy with how Stan was worked in, so they scrapped both previous cameos for this combined shot. The scene was really nothing other than the two exiting the building and saying good morning to Dr. Banner.

My reference to Stan being hilarious was actually his true personality while hanging around, not his on camera appearance.

Thanks IMAN. Stan has made a reference below that his new cameo would include a famous star, and Lou's the best!

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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