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Friday, April 25 2003

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The Writers Guild of America has rendered its determination in the credits for "The Hulk." The official screenwriting credits for the film, as determined by the WGA are: "Screenplay by John Turman, Michael France and James Schamus. Story by James Schamus."

Turman, who has penned many comic book scripts including "Iron Fist," was one of the first people working on the movie and began his work in 1994. He reportedly continued work on the project until 1996 and many of his innovations to the story remain in the final work.

France was actually the third writer to work on the project, coming on board in 1997. France returned to take another pass at the script during the period of 1999-2000, after writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh's run at the material.

It wasn't long after that that director Ang Lee came on board with producer/partner James Schamus to carry the project to theaters.

The WGA arbitration process is designed for projects like "The Hulk" where as many as eleven writers have worked on the script over the course of almost nine years. The process is a review of all drafts by three arbiters in order to determine that writers are fairly represented in the final credits of the movie.

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