The Hulk Video Game Sells 2 Million Units
Monday, May 3 2004

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The Hulk Sells Over 2 Million
Posted on 04/28/2004 at 6:52:43 PM
By Bryan Lazarony

When we think milestone, we think games such as Halo for the Xbox, and GTA for PS2. But who would of thought that a movie licensed game would sell even more than one million units? Vivendi's Hulk could, and to make it even better, it hit the 2 million mark today. While the number does come from combining the sales of all the four platforms it released on [PS2, GCN, Xbox, PC], this is Vivendi's first game to sell over 2 million units in a long time. The Hulk was unique in that it was better than the movie. If you watched the movie, you, like most, found it decent, but quite boring, but the game kept you in touch with your inner [and greener] self. Sure the game had its flaws, but it was an awesome beat em up. You could destroy the environment and kill soldiers at the same time, now thats a recipe for a good game if executed correctly. We give our congrats to Vivendi Universal and Radical Entertainment for a job well done.

There is a Hulk 2 in the works [both movie and game] however the game sequel will not be based on the upcoming movie. For those who wish to tryout the original Hulk, you can do so by renting/buying The Hulk DVD and play it on your Xbox to play an exclusive demo to the DVD viewers.

More on future Hulk milestones and information on The Hulk 2 will come this Summer.

For more information regarding The Hulk for the Xbox, read the review posted by our former staff writer, RaciviusDawn, who now owns and run his own website.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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