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Sunday, May 4 2003

I just got the May issue of Dreamwatch, where they have not one, but two articles on The Hulk. The first is on Michael France, one of the writers on The Hulk:

There seemed to be a lot of insecurity about which way to go. My perspective on this is, somewhere, someone within the Universal hierarchy wasn't sure if this was a science fiction adventure or a comedy, and I kept getting directions to write both ....I was asked to come up with a lot of jokes about the so called wish fulfillment aspect of it ...I just didn't want to write a lot of that stuff.

Comedy? Well that doesn't sound good. But then it gets better:

I was aware of some of the changes Peter David made in the 1980's comics; specifically that Banner had an abusive father and that he carried around a lot of psychological baggage from that. I took that aspect and tried to build on it ....I made him a scientist looking into peaceful uses for gamma rays - and specifically, medical uses to rebuild cells from the inside out. I made Banner a guy who was aware of his horrible family history - that his father was abusive, and that he killed his mother - and his whole life, he's trying to convince himself, "That's not me, I'm not like that". And his whole life, he's failing, because he has terrible spells of anger. "The Hulk is Banner's greatest nightmare of what he could be. He has to confront who he really is."

The next article has interviews from the set with the cast and crew:

Eric Bana: "I think, as an actor, I'll feel like I've done a good job if the audience feels Bruce and the Hulk are very much one and the same person. Bruce has a lot of pain inside of him, lots of rage."

Ang Lee: "I find him to be a very sad monster. He's also a hero at the same time, which is a very twisted combination. It's fun to explore the moral questions that arise out of such things....I believe that the key to The Hulk's success is that we all feel like we have a Hulk inside of us, beating, ready to burst out."

James Schamus: "He looks like a mad monster, completely crazy, but somewhere, deep down, you'll see Bruce Banner....Nick Nolte's got a very complex character to play with in the film as a father, an evil scientist, who refuses to take responsibility for a monster that he's created. He has a twisted motive for his actions and it's really sick.

Jennifer Connelly: "It's a psychological drama, a psychodrama about the rage in us and it's also about fathers and sons. It's not something like a guy running around in green body paint and purple underwear. This is a monster of rage and jealousy, the monster in all of us.

And finally:

What about the possibility of a film pairing the Hulk with Wolverine, a character born in The Incredible Hulk comic book way back in issue 181? "Hulk and Wolverine? That sound exciting," says Ang Lee. "I'm convinced that it will happen one one day." Would I direct it? It would depend."

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