The Hulk as an Art Film

Tuesday, May 6 2003

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Hey folks, Harry here... With a report from SHOW-CANADA which had a helluvalot of cool stuff screening. I'd love more reports on this. As for THE HULK, the word that I'm hearing is that the film is absolutely terrific, but that executives are a bit worried because it feels more like an art film than the "typical" super-hero film. Having read the script, I can say with the utmost confidence that the trailers you've seen thus far are a bit deceptive (imagine that) - while they are full of cool HULK action beats... and there's a great deal of that stuff in the film, this film is first and foremost a drama and to a certain extent a Tragedy on par with the classics. I know that sounds bizarre and weird given the trailers you've seen, but that's certainly what the script was. While the film will have moments to cheer, there's tears in this thing too. Well, if Ang did his job right, and I've heard he has. Here ya go... and that Jim Carrey as the voice of the Turtle Dreamworks project... is that the TORTOISE AND THE HARE that AARDMAN is doing? Hmmmm....

Hey Harry,    
I'm a film nerd myself and I have had the luck of working at showcanada this past week and the stuff I've seen is mind boggling. On wed, in a confrence to all the important people Universal showed about 50 mins of the Hulk. I have to say for the parts I was able to sneak in and see, I was really left in awe. I never dreamed I would have a chance to see this. .

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