Avi Arad on Hulk 2
Friday, May 6, 2005

The following was originally posted on EmpireOnline.co.uk:

Without going into too much detail, the next Hulk is the lighter version. The first movie was about definition of anger. The second movie is how do I deal with it. I think the Hulk thing is a study in anger, it’s just metaphor for anger. And where this anger comes from. So the next movie, we were interested in the discovery of a primal creature who is coming to terms with himself, and then realising that there is a way to live with the creature. ‘I still hate the creature and I want him out, but there are moments where I need to be able to bring it out, cos it’s the right thing to do’. And there is a heroic part, for Hulk that obviously we didn’t get into yet.

On a possible return for Eric Bana...
I think it will be lighter, with more charm for Eric Bana. Because Bana in movie one had no relief. He’s a charming guy, a great actor. Yeah, go over there and tell Eric we want him!

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