Hulk Hands Across America

Thursday, May 8 2003

My friend Maggie the Lawyer sent me the following message:

Again from: 

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Kelly Sue, being brilliant and beautiful and yet not altogether sane, has started a thing. Behold: Kelly Sue's Gallery Of People Wearing Hulk Hands.

Check out those links above. Some of the pictures are really funny. I like the idea so much that I am starting a new section in the message boards which will be devoted exclusively to images of people and their Hulk hands. I think that this could be the next big thing. Bring them to sporting events, concerts, weddings, everywhere. Lets help build the Hulk Hands Across America! Thanks to Dennis Culver for coining the phrase Hulk Hands Across America.

Don't have a pair of these gloves yet? What are you waiting for? Go to the store and get your own pair now!

Wanna talk about this bit of news? Start a discussion over at the boards.

Check out the fan trailer here.


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