More News on Elfman's Score

Saturday, May 10 2003

Hulk fan Johnny Flynn sent us the following update:

Dan Goldwasser from is the leading man of Film Score Reviews on the West Coast. He's attended the Spider-man scoring sessions among others. Now he's saying the recording sessions for the Hulk score started this month, on 5/7, and will last supposedly till the 15th. That leads me to guess that the soundtrack being released Tuesday won't have any Elfman music on it. It'll probably be simply VARIOUS ARTISTS.

Still though, a score album is expected and says the label for the Tuesday-due
CD is "Turn Up The Music". says that the label is "Decca", which released Elfman's prior score, Red Dragon, a few months back. That may mean two CDs, like Spider-man.


There Will Be Two HULK CDs. The Score will be released 6/17/2003, next month.

The Various Artist Soundtrack is this month on TUESDAY 5/13/2003.

Cool, huh?

Thanks for the update. Be sure to check out his site at And you can pre-order the new CD here.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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