Eric Bana on the Hulk Sequel
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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IGN: Forgive my ham-fisted transition, but another movie that suffered from controversy when it was released was Hulk, more or less because people were not accustomed to seeing a comic book movie that was literally interpreting the graphic nature of comic books for the screen. Did you feel like that movie was unfairly maligned?

Bana: I was surprised. I mean, I'm with you - I think the film was really brave and different and I was proud of it for that reason. It was one of the reasons that I wanted to di it, and I think if it wasn't Ang Lee directing it, if it was a more traditional slant, there's no way I would have done the film. So I'm very proud of what it is, and I actually think that film has found its place in a way too. I'm a firm believer that you really don't know what a film is when it's released. It really takes a year or two to work out where it sits overall, and that goes for any film no matter how big it is at the time of release or what box office it does or doesn't do. I think it's irrelevant. I think it's not until about three years after a film is released that realize where its rightful place. So the controversy on that film was far less taxing (laughs), especially than on this film. But yeah, I thought it was something pretty interesting. I guess I was probably surprised at how dark it was, and I guess I probably felt like there was definitely room for a lighter tone, because it was pretty dark for a movie like that.

IGN: It's so sad that nowadays people think a movie that does $115 million is a flop.

Bana: Yeah! People would take that today, wouldn't they? We really struggled, because the film took like $60 million opening weekend, and believe it or not, it dropped off 65 percent and took only $20 million in its second weekend. Like what would people give to have that today. It was interesting, because I really feel like Hulk was kind of the first of - not a reality check, but it was kind of the first movie that sort of began to take more realistic numbers. It was just at that time where people had been seduced by the Spider-Man numbers, and began to think that they were going to be able to recreate it. Suddenly over the last few years they realized that's not going to happen and it's like a whole different landscape now. I feel like when we came out was just the beginning of that reality check in a way. So you're right; I had this conversation with journalists on junkets when they say, [affecting a French accent] 'what do you theenk of de deesapointing box office of de Hulk', and I go yeah - $145 million is pretty disappointing. They go, 'what do 'oo mean?' I go, well, do you know what it did? And they don't. They're always shocked.

IGN: Is that a character you would like to revisit?

Bana: I really don't know. I hear different things about them supposedly writing sequels or not, it's happening, it's not happening, it's happening with me, it's not happening with me, [but] I've never had any official conversations about it. so I really don't know.

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