Toy Biz's Mega Morphs Heads to a Comic Book Near You
Friday, May 13, 2005

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Update:Toy Biz and its parent company Marvel are about to engage in some relatively rare corporate synergy with the release of a four-issue limited series based on an upcoming toy line called Marvel Mega Morphs, a sort of Marvel Super-Heroes meets Transformers with a Power Rangers tip hybrid.

Here’s how Toy Biz describes the line of toys scheduled to debut this summer.

Mega Morphs. Next generation Super Hero Assault-Bots meant to end crime and herald the dawn of a peaceful planet. But there’s one big hurdle standing in the way of the goal…

”Developed by the mastermind behind Iron Man’s armor, Tony Stark, Mega Morphs are towering metal Assault-Bots that transform into attack vehicles. Only the super hero that the Mega Morph was built for can unlock its unique battle features. But the maniacal Doc Ock stole Tony’s designs and used them to build his own Mega Morph to help him devise some type of terrible secret weapon.

”Gathering some of the strongest super heroes in the universe, Stark intends to equip the assembled team with their own Mega Morphs to stop Doc Ock in his tracks. Can this battle be won? Only time will tell!”
Now comes word from writer Sean McKeever that he has already penned six 8-page “4x”6 mini-comics penciled by Lou Kang that will be included with each figure and will be loosely tied together reflecting the “backstory” (as described above) of the toys. Presumably the six focus on Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Hulk, Captain America, Ghost Rider, and Doc Ock. These will also serve as prequels to a 4-issue Marvel limited series, presumably scheduled for release beginning in August along with the toys.

This will be McKeever's second go-around with giant Marvel robots, as he created the short-lived through critically-appreciated Sentinel ongoing series, which last week in his weekly Newsarama interview Joe Quesada said is at least a candidate to make a return in some form or another.

At McKeever’s website, the writer said of the comic book series, “If you enjoy old-school, action-packed Marvel comics, you'll enjoy Mega Morphs.”

Elsehwhere McKeever has mentioned the limited series features, "...the return of a long-forgotten Marvel property."

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