Hulk Does the Dew

Tuesday, May 13 2003

The following comes to us from Hulk fan Tim:

Hey Bruno,

I just saw a great Mountain Dew commercial featuring the Hulk. I'll describe it the best I can below:

The commercial starts with a shaky-looking nervous guy talking to an anger management support group about controlling his temper. The group's counselor, a dark-haired thirtysomething woman, thanks him then calls the next guy in line to stand up and introduce himself to the group.

An Eric Bana look-a-like stands up--holding a sweaty Mountain Dew--and says that when he gets mad, it's BAD. He can't control himself, he destroys things, and so on. While he's talking, the other members of the group roll their eyes and kind of snicker at him. Bruce takes a sip of his M.D. then sits down. But when the guy next to him stands to address the group, he kicks over Bruce's drink. The guy offers a breezy apology as Bruce watches the soda empty out over the floor . . . now a quick cut to his eye turning green, clothes ripping, then things getting thrown around the room as the group sits frozen in their chairs.

The best part: the counselor looks up and the Hulk is standing over her with a file cabinet ready to squash her. (The Hulk animation in this commercial is new--at least, I don't think I've ever seen it before.) The counselor gives a nervous laugh at the Hulk and delivers the punchline: "I can see we're going to have more work to do with you."

Thanks Tim for the great description!

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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