Hulk Hands Commercial

Sunday, May 18 2003

The following was sent to us by Hulk fan Tim:

Hey Bruno,
Just saw a funny commercial for the Hulk Hands. It featured a boy in his room punching the walls (and anything else he saw) with the Hulk Hands. The commercial cuts and you see two bullies about to beat up a wimpy kid with a Hulk T-shirt. A shadow casts over to the two prepubescent thugs, and they turn, mouths dropping open. Why? . . . because standing there is the same boy from the bedroom, wearing his Hulk Hands, and he looks deranged, nutty mad. He smashes the hands together and yells, "I've got the power of the Hulk!" (Poor kid.)
Anyway, the commercial did feature a few shots of a TV-quality CGI Hulk. Great stuff.

Thanks Tim!

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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