Hulk Smash E3

Sunday, May 18 2003

Well I was lucky enough to go to E3 this past weekend with my brother and I got to check out the new Hulk game. We played at a different level than the demo, and it was awesome! We started out chasing Prof. Crawford/Ravage through what looked like a sewer. We kept smashing doors and tried to follow him, but he sent a pack of Hulk dogs after us, and they were huge!

The best part of the game is that everything, and I mean everything, is "Smashable". If there is no door, just make one. Don't like that wall? Smash it! I was able to pick up cars, soldiers, pipes, whatever, and throw them at my enemies. At one point, while I was smashing a puny human, he held his arm up and looked like he was pleading for mercy. I smashed him anyway.

After a while the Hulk started glowing, and he went berserk. Nothing could stop him. We played the PS2 version, but they had the other platforms available as well. They all looked great.

The whole thing was taped and will be part of (a very small part) a One Hour Hulk Special that will air on the Sci-Fi channel in June. I'll post exact dates and times as the date draws near.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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