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Friday, May 23 2003

Posted on SciFi Wire

The following was originally posted on SciFi Wire:

Hulk Game Has Two Sides

Dave Jordan, a spokesperson for Vivendi Universal Games' upcoming The Hulk video game, told SCI FI Wire that the game will offer players a chance to experience both sides of the upcoming film's troubled protagonist. "We've got two different play modes," Jordan said while demonstrating the title at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. "One is as the Hulk. The other is as Bruce Banner. The Bruce Banner levels are a little bit different in that you are trying to avoid becoming the Hulk. So they're a lot more of a sneak level."

The Hulk is a third-person action/adventure game, based on the upcoming Ang Lee movie and the Marvel Comics series. The game is set a year after the events in the movie, but Jordan said that the game will not give anything away. The Hulk will be available for the GameCube, GameBoy Advance, PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 platforms and is slated for release on May 27. The Hulk film opens June 20.

Vivendi Universal Games is owned by Vivendi Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.

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