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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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On the plus side, VU Games' "Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" kicks nine kinds of butt. With a script written by Paul Jenkins, the game is based purely on the comics. (For more with Jenkins on this game, click here.) There are no movie elements - Hulk doesn't look like Eric Bana. The art is definitely based on a real artist, and I know I recognize who it is, but it is killing me that I can't think of the name. "The Ultimates" artist Bryan Hitch has supplied the cover art, however. The name "Ultimate Destruction" is apt. The stealth missions of the first Hulk game are gone. In their place is Hulk beating stuff up. Hulk smashes puny green soldier men. Hulk smashes puny cities. Hulk smashes walking metal men. The new game allows Hulk to wander around a fully destructible city smashing things. Supervillain fights end up looking like something out of the second Superman movie. Even better, Hulk can pick up any object smaller than a building and use it as either a shield or a weapon. That includes people. Hulk can also take a shield/car and propel it with his legs to use as a surfboard, leaving destruction in his wake. As an in-joke, Hulk can also wrap cars around his hands, resembling the popular Hulk Hand toys that were available when the movie came out. Villains in the game include Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination, Gen. Thunderbolt Ross and Mercy, an obscure Hulk character that hasn't appeared in the comics since 1997. VU Games promises more information, such as other Marvel characters and an all-star voice cast, to be releases at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Simply put, the game is fun. If anyone saw the preview of the game at Wizard World LA, it is almost a different game it is so much better. Hulk smashes. Hulk jumps. Hulk runs up the sides of buildings. Hulk throws tanks at stuff. Hulk is fun.

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