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Tuesday, May 27 2003

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Below are questions that Ang Lee answered from the fans on the official site:

Does Lou Ferrigno really have a cameo in the film?

Yes, he does. Lou is a wonderful person who was a great joy to meet and to have on set. We shot on location with him in Berkeley, and many of his fans showed up. I think his cameo is perfect, too!

Will the grey Hulk appear in the film?

No, he asked for a private plane from Las Vegas and too much money!

Will the Hulk say anything?

We're still thinking about this. I love it in the comic books when he says lines like "Puny human!" and such. But as I and the team at ILM work more and more on his direction, we see so much expression on his face that it might not be necessary to have him speak.

Will there be a sequel?

I hope so. We have worked hard to create an entire world of characters and ideas. We have a lot more to explore with the Hulk and his predicament.

Why is the face of the Hulk so human-looking?

The Hulk may be a monster but he is a very human monster. He is the embodiment of something deep within Bruce Banner, in fact something deep within all of us.

Who's doing the special effects?

Dennis Murren and his team at Industrial Light and Magic are working with me. They have done everything from Star Wars to Jurassic Park. Working with them is like working with Yuen Woo Ping who helped me do the fighting in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. They are the best in the world, trying now to do things they never thought they could accomplish before.

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