"The Hulk Deserves an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor"

Wednesday, May 28 2003

The latest issue of CFQ is now available, and here is some of what James Schamus had to say about the film:

"We've attempted in a number of ways to maintain a spirit closer to the comic book by, in fact, removing ourselves from the usual 'long underwear' approach to the superhero in films. One is simply stylistic-that is to say that they're fine, and I think people will be surprised by the intensity of the way the relationship between graphic depiction and narrative in comic books is transformed into this film. We took very seriously the heart of the graphic novel, and at the same time, we knew we had to create a film that was simply not going to repeat key or beloved moments from 40 years of Hulk history but rather transform the world of the comic book into a fully realized motion picture."


"There is no doubt the film will deliver a level of spectacle and action that one has come to associate with this kind of movie, but the revelation is that the Hulk deserves an Oscar nomination for best actor," he attests, fully cognizant of the fact that such a statement will raise more than a few eyebrows. "I don't think anyone has seen a CG character as integrated into a realistic environment and acting art this level. It's like discovering Marlon Brando."

And there you have it. Will The Hulk be the next Marlon Brando? In only a few short weeks, everyone will be able to answer that question.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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