Bana Still Not Yet Contacted About Hulk 2?
Tuesday, June 6, 2006

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Q: Hey Clint, Can you dig up the following: I'd like to know if Eric Bana is still under contract to make “Hulk 2” now that the rights have reverted to Marvel. Whether he is or not has Marvel contacted him regarding “Hulk 2” yet? Have you heard any rumors about the director? Also Avi Arad said he was hoping “Captain America” would be the first film from Marvel's internal slate but the director he wanted wasn't available till clearly they're waiting for him. I have a feeling it's Steven Spielberg who actually loves Cap and worked on the old cartoons briefly. PS If you know something but can't say anything blink twice. :) - Advanced Dark

A: I’ve heard the Spielberg/”Captain America” rumours too, but it’s too early to say. As for “Hulk 2”, I have an interview coming up with Eric Bana, in which he states that he still hasn’t heard a peep out of Marvel regarding the sequel. They say it’s full-speed ahead, but they’ve yet to contact the star yet…saying he’s required back. Rather silly. Read into that what you will.

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