Review of The Hulk Soundtrack

Sunday, June 8 2003

Posted on Tender Lumplings Online

The following was originally posted on Tender Lumplings Online:

Okay, I got a sneak peak at The Hulk Soundtrack early on in the month (it's officially dated for release on the 17th) so I'm going to write the review early on too. Let me start by saying this: with every soundtrack that comes out, especially those written for blockbuster movies, there is always a tremendous amount of hype surrounding their release. What will it sound like? Will it do well? Will it suck? With the release of The Hulk there is no exception to this rule. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I first heard it. I popped it into the player and listened for a few minutes and then... well, it dawned upon me. What I was listening to I liked. Let's just say that. That's all that really matters doesn't it?

For the rest of the in depth review, click here. Thanks to Johnny Flynn. By the way, Johnny tells me that his site has been getting a ton of visitors, so if you are having difficulties accessing the site, please be patient. Johnny assures me that he is addressing the bandwidth problems.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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