Hulk 2 a Do-Over?
Friday, June 9, 2006

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iF MAGAZINE: IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK are the first Marvel produced films that Marvel is producing “in-house”, why these particular heroes?

AVI ARAD: We wanted to start this journey with absolutely top, top tier characters and IRON MAN is at the level of X-MEN and SPIDER-MAN and HULK. SPIDER-MAN is a league of its own, but after that you have X-MEN, IRON MAN, HULK. These are the big guns, and obviously we want to continue the train of success once we are making our own [films]. A lot of people are looking forward to IRON MAN and a lot of people are looking forward to the comic book version of the HULK. That’s the one we are making, and I think it will be incredibly satisfying. It will be big and awesome and a big ride.

iF: So will you be recasting HULK with completely new actors?

ARAD: It’s a “do-over”. I loved the HULK movie, it was just a different approach, and it wasn’t exactly the comic. We want to be much closer to the comic. It’s what we would rather do.

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