The Hulk Press Junket

Tuesday, June 10 2003

Universal Studios Hollywood was host to The Hulk Press Junket last weekend. There were reporters from all over the world present to catch a glimpse of the big guy. It began on Saturday, May 31st with the first public screening of The Hulk for the domestic TV press at the Alfred Hitchcock Theatre. Those reporters then had the opportunity to interview the cast and crew the next day on soundstage 12.

A second screening of The Hulk took place that evening on Sunday June 1st, this time for the domestic radio, print and online media, of which I was a part of. The next day, Monday the 2nd, we returned to take part in a presentation by ILM on soundstage 6 and roundtable interviews with the the cast and crew on soundstage 12. Present were Dennis Muren, Sam Elliot, Nick Nolte, Josh Lucas, Ang Lee, Gale Ann Hurd, Avi Arad, Larry Franco, James Schamus and Eric Bana. The reporters were divided into 8 groups, with the talent sitting with each group for approximately 15 minutes.

Rob Worley from Comics 2 Film and Comic Book Resources has done a great job of transcribing most of these interviews already. However, because we were in different groups, the interviews are slightly different, and I will present my transcriptions this week, leading up to my review of the film on Friday. Below are some images from the soundstage and from the promotional materials that we were given. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image.

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