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Saturday, June 14 2003

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Hulk Product Blitz
Industry News, Scoop, Friday, June 06, 2003

An impatient Hulk is a prolific Hulk. Not content to wait for the late-June release of his Universal Studios feature-length film, The Hulk has taken to bumrushing what seems like every product in his immediate path. Don't be surprised if your next trip to the grocery store finds you inundated with packages of Oreos, Ritz Bits, Nilla Wafers, and Cheese Nips bearing the brash and biting image of our favorite green bundle of rage. Nabisco has launched a full-on Hulk campaign, complete with green game pieces promising a $10,000 prize to specially marked piece-holders and collectible motion and trading cards.

But Nabisco isn't the only company to get in on the ad action. Glad is offering free movie tickets with the purchase of any three specially marked Glad products. So after you've snacked relentless in pursuit of a cash or collectible prize with Nabisco, you can throw away their excess packaging or seal leftovers for freshness with Glad trash, zipper, or sandwich bags, Glad ClingWrap, or GladWare. How convenient!

Of course, after all that dry snacking, and after you've securely stored your surplus, you'll need something to wash all those crackers and cookies down with. And Mountain Dew's got you covered. They're offering Hulk-sized prizes, including a Hulk-size home entertainment center, a limited edition Hulk X-Box with The Hulk game, and a Hulk-sized volume of Mountain Dew via their Go Green Sweepstakes, which may be entered at the Mountain Dew website or, naturally, via the purchase of specially mark Dew products. The Mountain Dew site also offers cool screensavers and certain Hulk game cheat codes. And if you're a Big Gulp kind of guy or gal, you can collect all three Hulk cups at 7-Eleven.

By now, your sugar-high has most likely peaked. Why not intercept the crash with some Sundown Kids chewable Hulk vitamins? Okay. So maybe these are like little vitamin C placebos for adults, but hey. At least keep up the appearance of concern about your health. And if you're a concerned parent, you'll win cool points with both your kids and the PTA with these mineral-herbal figurines, available not only in The Hulk, but Spider-man and Captain America, as well.

So, the next time you're pushing a cart around the local thrift-and-save, be sure to support Marvel and its many product partners.... or you'll return from your grocery run to find that The Hulk broke down your automatic garage door.

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