New Hulk TV Commercials

Saturday, June 14 2003

The following was sent to us by Hulk fan Sean:

Hi. I just saw 2 new Hulk trailers today on SciFi, the first being the "Set Me Free" trailer it's all new footage with the Hulk climbing the church, the San Francisco bridge and jumping and glowing after hitting a hulk dog and bruce banner transforming into the Hulk which was awesome! And the voice over was some guy saying,"what if all your anger all your rage could be let loose (the set me free song is now heard) what if you could set it free, then it goes HULK next Friday".

The second is kinda cooler it's just complements on Ang Lee, and it show the Hulk jumping and looking relaxed and fine, the next part is the Hulk jumping on the chopper and slamming it around and you hear "puny human banner" then it goes don't get even get mad next Friday and it shows the Hulk logo.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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