The Hulk Takes Over Yahoo!

Monday, June 16 2003

The following was sent it by Hulk fan Paul:

From 9pm Sunday to 9pm Monday, Hulk is taking over Yahoo's ad space. Here's the link:

The Hulk Hype machine is really gearing up now! Yahoo has never sold all it's ad space to a movie before.

Wow! From the link:

'Hulk' Muscles in on Yahoo! Promos
Sunday June 15 9:20 PM ET

Universal Pictures is hulking around Yahoo! in a big way.

On Sunday night, the studio was set to become the first ever to acquire 100% of the ad space at the Yahoo! home page, all part of an intense online ad campaign for "The Hulk."

Beyond "Hulk's" 24-hour takeover of Yahoo!'s main real estate -- set to begin at 9 p.m. Sunday and end at 9 Monday night -- the tortured superhero will appear for longer stretches throughout the Yahoo! network and in various rich-media incarnations.

Some online ads will embed "Hulk" showtimes for users' nearest theaters, based on the ZIP codes of the millions of registered Yahoo! users that have expressed to Yahoo! an interest in movies.

Yahoo! normally has a handful of advertisers occupy its home page simultaneously, though it has sold that space exclusively, on occasion, to single advertisers such as Pepsi and Hewlett-Packard. Never before to a movie studio. The film opens next Friday.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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