My Life as The Incredible Hulk

Thursday, June 19 2003


In November 1977, television history was made when Universal Television and CBS introduced the world to Doctor David Banner (Bill Bixby), a scientist researching the untapped potential for strength that all humans possess. The reckless and determined Dr. Banner submits himself to an experiment involving dangerous dosages of gamma radi­ation with tragic results. Thereafter, in times of great stress or anger, David Banner mutates into an uncontrollable, green-skinned engine of destruction (Lou Ferrigno). Haunted by his alter-ego and pursued by investigative reporter Jack McGee (Jack Colvin), David Banner most go on the run until he can find a cure for his condition.

The Incredible Hulk was an immediate hit among viewers, capturing the imagination of all ages and demographics with its potent mixture of action, drama, and social commentary. Through five seasons on network television, The Incredible Hulk developed a devoted fan following that continues to grow.

My Incredible Life as the Hulk is the first and only book dedicated to the series. Written by the Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, My Incredible Life As the Hulk is more than simply a memoir of one man's experiences; it is an inside look at the popular series and the profound effect that the character has had on the general public. With a bevy of photographs, revealing stories, and forewords by Hulk creator Stan Lee and Oscar winner Ang Lee, director of the feature film version of the Hulk, My Incredible Life As the Hulk is a unique journey into a modern myth.

My Incredible Life As the Hulk
Lou Ferrigno
8X10; 176 pages
ISBN: 0-9643739-0-4
Publisher: Lou Ferrigno Enterprises, Inc.
Release Date: July, 2003
Copyright © 2003 by Lou Ferrigno Enterprises, Inc.

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