The Hulk Box Office Update

Saturday, June 21 2003

The following was posted by hal90000 on the message boards:



1 THE HULK $23,800,000

2 FINDING NEMO $6,266,000

3 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS $3,298,000

Per these estimates, HULK earned $6,503 per theatre (3,660).

Don't forget that HULK's screen count (not theater count!) is significantly lower than RELOADED's and SPIDER-MAN's, even though all their theater counts are 3600+.

The screen count for SPIDER-MAN and RELOADED was 7500+ and 8500+, respectively. HULK, on the other hand, has a screen count of about 6000. The average gross per screen is then:

HULK: ~12K (with the presumption that it'll gross $70 M)

So, the Friday estimate is not that bad when taking the screen counts into consideration.

Still, it would be nice for the HULK to out gross X2 ($85 M), if for nothing else because I bet a friend $100 that it would. Help me win my bet! See HULK again!


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