Avi Arad on Hulk 2 "No later than 2007"
Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The following was originally posted on MTV.com:

Of course, there are plenty of Marvel superheroes currently in a state of superlimbo after audiences received their first film adventures with mixed responses.

"It's no secret, we took a lot of sh-- for Ang Lee's 'Hulk,' for all the wrong reasons," Arad says, insisting that "I had a meeting with Universal [a few] weeks ago. We are going to make a Diet Hulk." Comparing Hulk to the classic image of Frankenstein's monster as a creature with an almost childlike curiosity, Arad says, "In movie one, we couldn't get into the curiosity thing. Hulk having a butterfly land on his hand? He would never [smash it]. The Hulk would be curious. He is like a baby, in a way." He says the sequel will arrive in theaters "no later than 2007."

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