Toy Biz Superhero Showdown and Figure Factory Review
Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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Fwoosh member joefixit2 shared some pictures of some of the first production pieces available from the new Super Hero Showdown and Figure Factory lines from Toy Biz.

First up, the Wolverine and Hulk Starter Set from Super Hero Showdown.

joefixit2 wrote:

The starter kit has the Hulk figure, Wolverine figure, base for each figure and plastic part to hold figure to base, two dice, instructions, guns for each character that fire a projectile, 3 Power Cards for each character, and 12 Battle Tiles for playing the game. Hulk has 22 POA and Wolverine has 21 POA. Wolverine's claws are not individual pieces.

The Figure Factory figures come in a nice looking "wooden" crate that would probably look good for Waiting's scenes. Each figure also comes with four cards. On one side is a picture of a Marvel character and on the other side is part of the puzzle for the Marvel Universe poster. Each card is numbers so you know where it goes. There are also instructions inside the box for how to put the figure together (although it is not exactly a puzzle - it's pretty obvious where each piece goes). Once you put it together, the pieces fit pretty tight and won't fall out. The Hulk sculpt looks pretty good although the head looks a little too small for the body.

For more pictures, read the complete article here.

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