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Wednesday, June 25 2003

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Is He Man or Monster? Find Out in Our Smashing Primer

by Mark Wheaton | June 18, 2003

Say it with us, three times fast: "Hulk smash!"

Good. Now say it while you're breaking something or crushing a beer can against your forehead. Feels good, huh?

You should now understand half the appeal of the Incredible Hulk comic book and one of the most recognizable Marvel characters this side of Spider-Man. Sure, the tragic Jekyll-and-Hyde character gained notoriety with the hit TV show of the '70s and '80s, but he has been wandering around smashing things since 1962.

And in case the show and new movie are your only exposure to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's green creation, we're here to help. You know the basics, right? Bruce Banner gets zapped with gamma rays, turns into a mindless green beast when angry and has to wander from town to town to avoid the authorities? But there's so much more.

We've managed to track down the essential elements of Hulk lore, from his nemeses and big adventures to the few people who can stand to be around the guy. Ready? It's time to get your greens!

Get to the primer

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