Enter The Hulk

Friday, June 27 2003

Check out the latest issue of GQ magazine featuring Eric Bana. Below is an excerpt from the article:

It comes at night. when he's asleep and the world is still and the darkness feels at home. It comes like this: He wakes up, or thinks he does, and everything is the same. He's still Eric Bana, and the world is still the world he knows, and everything that's happening in his life is still happening Except - and this is what gets him - it's all too much. It's as if he's become a vessel for the entire world's anxiety. and all the fear and rage of everyone he's ever met pour into him until his heart races and his throat closes and he wakes up, for real this time. almost choking. But how is he going to convince himself that it's not real, because it is, and everything that's making his heart pound a mile a goddamn minute is, too. Calm down, now Bana, he says to himself - just tell yourself what you need to hear. You're not in a blockbuster: you're not going to be famous. And you're not him. You're not the Hulk.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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