SDCC Day 3: Cup 'O Joe Panel
Saturday, July 16, 2005

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Fans are just starting to filter out of Marvel’s showcase SDCC panel, Cup ‘O Joe. In addition to the Moon Knight news reported earlier this hour (and look for more details soon), a few new projects were discussed and, as always, preview artwork was abound.

There is a writer lined up for Hulk post Peter David, but they aren’t ready to announce.

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I attended this panel and I was able to ask a question. A couple of months ago, had a poll for who should get the next "Ultimate" mini series. On the last day of the Poll, The Hulk had a small lead over Wolverine.

The question I had asked was who won the poll and when the mini series would be published. The answer that I got was that there was a winner, but they are not yet ready to announce who it was or when the mini series will be published.

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