Peter David on Leaving The Hulk
Monday, July 18, 2005

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Posted by Peter David on Monday, July 18 2005 at 02:49:04 GMT

There's only so many hours in a day, guys.

When I first took on "Hulk," "Madrox" was a limited series, "Fallen Angel" was being canceled, and Mark Waid was writing FNSM. In the course of six months, suddenly "X-Factor" was a go, "Fallen Angel" was picked up by IDW, and I got a call out of the blue from Marvel saying, "Care to step in for Mark Waid?" My work load literally quadrupled.

Let's say you're a student. You have a certain amount of homework, and when you're done with that, you like to hang out with your pals at the mall. Suddenly you discover you're getting four times the amount of homework you had before, plus extra assignments. That means you have to start making some tough choices.

"Hulk" is my pal at the mall. I love writing Hulk. But if my career is going to survive, I have to branch out when the opportunity presents itself. Seek out new readers whenever/wherever possible, because I can't know for sure that the ones I have will stick around. And don't tell me I'm wrong: How many people were fans of my previous run on Hulk but said, even before the book started, "Why is he coming back? Get someone new on the title." How many fans are already saying, "Good, I'm glad he's leaving Hulk, it's not as good as what he was doing before."

I haven't written Spidey for twenty years. Couldn't pass that up. X-Factor...come on, I couldn't turn my back on that. Red Sonja is an attempt to get my name in front of new readers, just as my dip into the Whedon-verse of "Spike." And I love writing novels: No pencilers, inkers, letterers, colorists. Just me, my words, and the reader.

I don't rule out the possibility that I might return to Hulk again once work loosens up. Of course, by then you might all be enamored of the new guy and not be so eager to have me return. And that's fine.

I appreciate all your support for my recent Hulk endeavors and, hopefully, for my work in the near future.


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